CSR Report 2016
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Our CSR network

DrivingChange™ CSR strategy implementation is supported by an effective CSR governance, set of standards and policies. Our CSR network facilitates in a both simple and pragmatic way its deployment in all our Business Units and at all organizational levels.

CSR Management and Governance

Preserving the trust of its customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders is essential for DPDgroup. This is the reason why DPDgroup strives to be transparent on its governance practices by setting up an organisation that combines effective decision-making processes and promotes respectful, sustainable and ethical behaviour as part of its activities.
DPDgroup governance is structured to enable efficient management of environmental, social, and ethical business matters at all levels. Our European Operating Board (EOB) is responsible for reviewing and validating CSR strategic orientations annually. The strategy is designed to be in line with Le Groupe La Poste directives consistently rolled out as well by other branches of the Group.
DPDgroup CSR Department, overseen by an EOB member, ensures the implementation of the CSR strategy DrivingChange™ and coordinates the process with a network of 19 CSR correspondents responsible for the operational implementation in the European Business Units.
Most of the Business Units correspondents ensure the effectiveness of the implementation by leading cross-functional CSR steering committees at local level.

DPDgroup's central CSR department is composed of an agile expert team whose main responsibilities are to:
- Define the CSR policy of DPDgroup and obtain validation from the EOB.
- Ensure the effective deployment of the agreed strategy throughout the Business Units.
- Bring the right level of support to the country teams including tools, advice and expertise.
- Carry out a continuous benchmarking process on new trends, innovations and regulations and, if necessary, stimulate lobbying to showcase expertise and the positions of the Group.
- Facilitate relations with the relevant institutions and NGOs, including partnerships established by the Group in the field of CSR.
- Promote CSR culture and develop a positive CSR reputation for the Group.

An active network

DPDgroup respects the main international standards concerning Corporate Social Responsibility.
- We have been a member of the Global Compact since 2016 and published our first Communication On Progress (COP) in 2017.
- We follow the United Nations Environmental Program - UNEP’s study recommendations for a carbon neutral world by the end of the century through our partnership with EcoAct
- We comply with the obligations of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all the applicable regulations at regional and local levels.

International standards: guidelines for our network

DPDgroup operations comply with all applicable laws and standards.
DPDgroup adopts the ISO 14001 management system standard within its operations to provide a consistent and structured approach to the management of environmental aspects and their subsequent impact.
Fair competition practices and anti-corruption measures are supported by GeoPost’s 24-page Code of Business Conduct, enacted in 2012.

CSR External benchmark

DPDgroup was granted in 2016 with the silver recognition level by EcoVadis which is an international sustainability rating platform for global supply chain. We are placed between the top 13% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in all categories.

Our United Nations Global Compact commitment

In May 2016, Paul-Marie CHAVANNE, Executive VP of Le Groupe La Poste, CEO of GeoPost, signed the United Nations Global Compact initiative, to prove its strong commitment for sustainable development at international level.

DPDgroup has voluntarily looked into the United Nations Global Compact Initiative (UNGCI) to inspire and find guidance to implement and communicate on CSR matters. The UN Global Compact guides us in doing business the right way, for all. The UNGCI provides “a universal language for corporate responsibility and provides a framework to guide all businesses regardless of size, complexity or location” (source). This framework is expressed in 10 principles (covering human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption) to which Global Compact signees must comply. "

Report scope

This first CSR Report by DPDgroup covers our main European Business Units. In order to represent the operations and activities of DPDgroup, the scope of this report applies to the financial control approach. As a result, the CSR report covers the European Business Units in which GeoPost, the holding company operating under the commercial brand DPDgroup, holds 100% of shares. DPDgroup will progressively include new Business Units in the scope, taking into consideration the full-stake control rule.
The information and data on carbon-offset projects also include projects in Turkey and India, where DPDgroup has acquired carbon credits provided by external partners.

DPDgroup operates under the following brands: Chronopost, SEUR, DPD.

The scope covers the following Business Units:
- Chronopost France
- Chronopost Portugal
- DPD Belgium/Luxembourg
- DPD Croatia
- DPD Czech Republic
- DPD Estonia
- DPD France
- DPD Germany
- DPD Hungary
- DPD Ireland
- DPD Latvia
- DPD Lithuania
- DPD Netherlands
- DPD Poland
- DPD Slovakia
- DPD Slovenia
- DPD Switzerland
- DPD United Kingdom

DPDgroup as a subsidiary of the Groupe la Poste contributes to the Groupe la Poste CSR annual report that meet the legal requirements and the best-in-class reporting standards.
The information in this report has been gathered through reporting tools, documented information and internal and external stakeholder interviews.