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Paul-Marie Chavanne CEO DPDgroup

« Two years after having committed DPDgroup to support the Ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, I am pleased to provide you with a progress update on human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption initiatives, as well as our DrivingChange CSR priorities.

2017 has been another year of rapid growth, driven by the ongoing expansion of e-commerce. We’ve delivered more than 1.2 billion carbon neutral parcels, consolidating our position as the second largest player on the European Courier, Express and Parcel market.

DPDgroup’s CSR ambitions consistently focus on four priorities closely related to our business and on which we can have a direct, positive impact such as our market leading carbon neutral commitment.

Supported by various efficiency programmes, we have met our 2020 carbon reduction target well in advance. This year, we decided to engage the company in the Science Based Targets initiative, in order to define a new carbon reduction target in line with scientific knowledge to combat climate change.

We are a pragmatic partner. As a delivery expert we are constantly striving to improve the way we operate. We focus our efforts on areas where we can have the most significant impact. In support of urban logistics projects, all European business units began building tailored urban logistics schemes, by adopting new urban locations and opting for low carbon transport alternatives.

This is a crucial step to better contribute to reducing pollution and congestion in city centres. As a responsible and sustainable player, we are adapting our processes and laying the foundations for new operating conditions, in order to improve the environment and quality of life in cities.

We are passionate about combining innovative technology and local knowledge to provide a flexible and user-friendly service for the recipients and make their lives easier. We constantly challenge ourselves to foster operational excellence, customer satisfaction and sustainable solutions for the low carbon transition. Our interactive delivery service, Predict, not only meets consignees' expectation but as well reduce DPDgroup business to consumer last mile CO2 emissions by 4%.

Our commitment reflects the CSR strategy of Le Groupe La Poste, our shareholder, which aims to go beyond compliance, achieve exemplarity and accompany society’s transformation in terms of minimising its local footprint, promoting digital responsibility, and supporting the low carbon transition.

This Communication on Progress also formally expresses our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and driving our sustainability efforts in line with the UN’s 2030 vision.

On behalf of DPDgroup, I hereby express my continued support for the Global Compact and renew our ongoing commitment to the initiative and its principles.»

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DPDgroup at a glance

DPDgroup is the second largest international parcel delivery network in Europe. It combines innovative technology and local knowledge to provide a flexible and user-friendly service for both shippers and shoppers.

With more than 68,000 delivery experts and a network of more than 32,000 local Pickup points, DPDgroup delivers 4.8 million parcels daily through the brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT.

DPDgroup is the parcel delivery network of GeoPost, a holding company owned by Le Groupe La Poste.

Who we are

international parcel delivery
network in Europe
Operating through the brands DPD, Chronopost, SEUR and BRT.

Present through
own operations in

delivery experts

pick-up parcel points
1st in the European
voluntary carbon offset market

hubs and depots
Carbon neutral delivery
at no extra cost

1.2 billion
+10% versus 2016

parcels delivered
per day
Activity (in volume)

delivered to over

6.8 billion
euros in revenue
+11% versus 2016

in revenues
in the past 10 years
2017 CSR highlights
2017 was a busy year for our DrivingChange programme. Here are the actions we were the most proud of:
published its first Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP)
DPDgroup published its first CSR and COP report in 2017 to communicate on the progress made since joining the Global Compact. The report reached an Active level, meeting all requirements.
committed to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi)
Having met its 2020 carbon target 4 years in advance, DPDgroup extended its commitment with new carbon reduction objectives based on the SBTi to stay in line with the 2° trajectory.
was elected 2017 leader in Human Resources Management
The Polish Ministry of Employment awarded DPD Poland as Leader in Human Resources Management for the second year, acknowledging the group’s dedication to creating an engaged and fulfilling workplace.
DPD Germany
received an award for an innovative workplace safety initiative
Two apprentices designed a mobile heel protector for trolleys to limit the risk of accidents. The pair received the « Golden Hand » accident prevention award from the employers' liability insurance.
head office employees raised €14,000 for the Laurette Fugain association
DPDgroup’s head office employees raised €14,000 for Laurette Fugain, an organization fighting leukemia, through blood donations, gift-giving and sport challenges.
voted for a seventh offset project in Brazil
As part of the group’s carbon neutral target, employees from 15 business units had the opportunity to vote for the seventh CO2 emissions offset project: replacing shale oil with renewable biomass in a factory in Brazil.
rolled out a large fleet of alternative vehicles with SEUR Now
SEUR Now, a service available in Madrid and Barcelona deployed 100 natural gas-powered FIAT Fiorino vehicles to deliver on its two-hour delivery commitment.
achieved a Gold Level
from EcoVadis
EcoVadis, the international supply chain sustainability rating agency awarded DPDgroup a gold recognition medal for achieving a score of 62, which is 20 points above the sector average.
signed a global framework agreement with UNI Global Union
GeoPost signed a global agreement with UNI Global Union on fundamental human rights. The agreement applies to all entities and reaffirms the Group's commitment to international human rights principles.
renewed its partnership with Ashoka
DPDgroup renewed its partnership with Ashoka, a global network of social entrepreneurs. This shows the group’s commitment towards supporting social entrepreneurs who are a source of inspiration for all.
was rewarded for its commitment to reducing GHG emissions
Chronopost received the « Best Progression » trophy from the ADEME, with regards to its CO2 Objective Charter. Over the last 3 years, Chronopost has reduced its CO2 emissions intensity by 24.7%.
United Nations Global Compact

The foundations of our DrivingChange programme rest on our company’s strong values and culture of integrity.

In 2016, DPDgroup joined the United Nations Global Compact and committed to its Ten Principles related to human rights, labour conditions, environmental preservation and anti-corruption.

By embracing and incorporating the Ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact into our operations, we are not only upholding our basic responsibilities to communities and to the environment, but also setting the stage for our group’s long-term performance and success.

As part of its commitment to the UN Global Compact, DPDgroup is required to communicate its progress on the Ten Principles. This report serves as DPDgroup’s Communication on Progress (COP).

DPDgroup and the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, all 193 United Nations Member States committed to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of objectives laying out an agenda for achieving a brighter and more stable future by addressing our world’s most pressing challenges: extreme poverty, heightened inequality, exclusion, injustice, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Fulfilling these ambitions will require unprecedented efforts from a wide range of actors - governments and civil society cannot attain these SDGs on their own, without the contribution of the private sector.

The SDGs provide a strategic framework for companies seeking to create long-term value and take advantage of untapped market opportunity. Companies contributing to the SDGs are therefore creating value that truly matters to society by meeting the most crucial societal needs.

DPDgroup, as a future-oriented company, is committed to supporting the UN Development Goals.

To deliver on this commitment, DPDgroup organised, with the UN Global Compact, a workshop made up of representatives from each business unit. The aim was to develop a common understanding of the SDGs and to determine the specific goals for which the group could make a significant contribution in light of its core capabilities and business activities.

DPDgroup identified the 3 most relevant SDGs in light of the group’s impacts on society, opportunities and the existing DrivingChange programme:

Goal 8
Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Goal 11
Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
Goal 13
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
CSR governance

DPDgroup is structured to enable effective management of environmental, social, and ethical topics at all levels: the most senior decision makers are involved in setting the CSR strategy and overseeing its implementation.

The strategy is designed to be in line with Le Groupe La Poste in its search for exemplarity. Our strong domestic presence mainly in Europe requires fostering positive local footprint, to become an effective and responsible digital player and to take responsibility in the ecological transitions.

  • The European Operating Board oversees the strategy, and meets annually to review and validate the CSR strategic orientations.
  • The CSR department is directed by a European Operating Board (EOB) member and responsible for defining and implementing the CSR strategy, Driving Change, within the company and coordinates our CSR network.
  • Our CSR network is made up of 19 CSR correspondents, located in different European business units. They are responsible for the operational implementation of the strategy, and meet three times a year to share progress and best practice.
Working with international standards
DPDgroup adheres to a range of international CSR standards:
We have been a member of the Global Compact since 2016. The 2017 CSR report is our second Communication on Progress (COP).
We follow the United Nations Environmental Programme’s (UNEP) recommendations for a carbon neutral world by the end of the century through our partnership with EcoAct, and are developing a low carbon strategy based on the Science Based Target initiative to stay within a 2 degree trajectory in 2100.
We have adopted the ISO 14001 management system standard within our operations to guarantee a structured approach to the management of environmental aspects. This standard covers 74% of employees.