CSR Report 2016
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Sharing our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help local enterprise thrive

Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of our DNA.

Our development has been made through acquisitions of local delivery expert companies characterised by their outstanding entrepreneurial spirit: mostly run by entrepreneurs and highly dedicated managers.

Our decentralised organisation, which preserves the autonomy and identity of its business units and favours co-building processes, facilitates action and agility for innovation.

The traditional delivery business is being reshaped by the rise of e-shopping and on-demand delivery.

As a result, we support innovative entrepreneurship inside and outside our business activities. This has a positive impact on business and develop a mutual benefit approach. It is an opportunity to build strong relationships with innovative entrepreneurs to improve brand recognition, attract new clients and strengthen existing customer partnerships.

How we do it:

We stimulate internal creativity and innovation by giving our employees the possibility to come up with innovative ideas that improve our in-house processes and add customer value.

We support pragmatic social entrepreneurs who think "out of the box" for solving social challenges, via our partnership with Ashoka (the largest global network of leading social entrepreneurs) since 2011.

We also work together with all types of customers (from key accounts to small entrepreneurs) by transporting their parcels, growing together and co-building innovative solutions.