CSR Report 2016
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Entrepreneurship and innovation are part of our DNA.

We share our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help local enterprise thrive and stimulate innovative ideas internally and externally.


innovations from our employees

We stimulate creativity and innovation within the company by giving our employees the possibility to come up with innovative ideas that improve our in-house processes and add customer value.
By enabling employees to develop new ideas, we encourage them to propose and develop ground-breaking new projects.

Mr Pasha, DPD France

In France, three employees of DPD France came up with an imaginative project, Mr Pasha, for attracting new customers with a parcel concierge service followed by last-mile delivery solutions every day of the week. Their initiative has been enthusiastically supported by the company at every moment, every stage and every need according to the initial specification.
The DPD France sales force took part by promoting and selling Mister Pasha to existing e-retailers and all DPD France departments have participated in this innovative project.
Mister Pasha is an added-value service that can be plugged into any carrier service and attract new clients. Since mid-September 2016 and the first deals, Mister Pasha has gradually increased its volumes, with more than 700 parcels delivered.
Through challenges within the company, we encourage employees to propose and develop ground-breaking new projects.


Grand Prix DPD, DPD Poland

The Grand Prix DPD is the company’s in-house contest for the best innovative ideas in DPD Poland. It encourages employees to create and submit innovative ideas that improve our processes and/or add value for the customers. 150 projects were submitted by BU employees in 2016, meeting several criteria: the idea must be new and original, innovative, valuable, beneficial and feasible within a defined period of time. The winning projects were rewarded with awards worth 4,000 euros, gifts and the opportunity to implement their projects within the organisation.


One example of these creative and original winning projects: the introduction of the electronic version of a damage report to handheld devices with an option to take a photo of the damage. It results in a shorter process, and less additional or unnecessary workload on the courier side.


social entrepreneurs

We support pragmatic social entrepreneurs who think “out of the box” for solving social challenges, via our partnership with Ashoka (the largest global network of leading social entrepreneurs). Since 2011, we have worked with social entrepreneurs who come up with original and pragmatic solutions for social challenges.

Focus on our historical partner Ashoka

Ashoka’s vision is an “Everyone is a Changemaker” society. Founded in 1980 by Bill Drayton, who coined the term “social entrepreneur”, Ashoka is the largest global network of leading social entrepreneurs, with over 3,300 members – called “Fellows” – around the world. Ashoka builds and activates networks of individuals and organisations to address the world’s biggest societal challenges and to foster collaboration for greater effectiveness and results. Along with its network of Fellows, business entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors, academics and journalists, Ashoka is working to ensure that social entrepreneurs and their innovations continue to inspire a new generation of Changemakers: https://www.ashoka.org

Description of our partnership

Since 2011, DPDgroup and Ashoka, two pioneer networks in their fields, have come together around common values: solidarity, openness and a long-term vision. We are committed to a fruitful partnership, which has already led to a strong and sustainable relationship:

Supporting social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. In 2016, we financially supported Singa, an organisation that is changing people's minds about the value of refugees in society and helping refugees -- who have a strong negative image as “burdens to society" -- overcome the challenges of integration without money, networks, or academic recognition.

Supporting co-creation. The European Commission recognised the actions related to the co-creation of Ashoka and its partners as an innovative practice for the development of a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Interview Nathanaël Molle co-founder of SINGA


Nathanael Molle

co-founder of SINGA

“Singa’s action is part of two ambitions: one aims at accompanying refugees and the other at changing the way society perceives refugee people.”

SINGA was founded in 2012 by Nathanaël Molle and Guillaume Capelle. Nathanaël Molle has been an Ashoka fellow since 2014.
As a meaningful contribution, the DPDgroup ‘s donation over the past three years helped Nathanaël to make a living and focus on developing the project.
Nathanaël comes from a French-Brazilian binational family. He travelled a great deal with his parents, living in various countries when he was young: Thailand, Mali and Sri Lanka, where he was shocked by human rights violations.

In Sri Lanka when he was 16, he led a project called "Prison Babies". It was at this time that the idea of creating his own organisation was born. He studied international relations in France and then did an internship in a Moroccan NGO fighting for human rights locally. He discovered the specificities of the Moroccan legislation on refugees’ status. This situation gave him the idea of creating SINGA, which aims at accompanying refugees who wish to create value for society.
SINGA created spaces for meetings and cooperation between refugees and their host societies and changed the way in which asylum was dealt with: “Singa strongly believes that welcoming refugees strengthens society”. The organisation is located in four French regions and six countries, and develops tools for all citizens wishing to participate in welcoming refugees throughout France and the world.
SINGA is a community of more than 25,000 members with 37 nationalities. Above all, it is a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, dancers, singers and students who meet to take part in welcoming refugees and enriching the asylum “repertoire” through innovation.


external entrepreneurship

We support innovative entrepreneurship with a positive impact on business, developing a mutual benefit approach. We share our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help local enterprise thrive and stimulate innovative ideas by developing closer relationships with our business partners, providing training courses, granting awards, and proposing special rates for small entrepreneurs.

Start-up programme, DPD Switzerland

KPIs: 20 participant employees, 80 organisations supported

In Switzerland, the DPDgroup has created a special offer to help young companies in the community ship their products right from the start. It is aimed at founders of new businesses and freelancers in traditional industries as well as start-ups with innovative business ideas driven by technology. Incentives include discounts on published delivery prices, attractive prices for parcel pickup, cheaper online shipment, upgrades to further services, international shipping and e-solutions.


Testimony of beneficiaries:

Anurima Das from St.Legier - La Chiesaz in Vaud,

runs an online Indian food store:

When we started out, there was no one in Switzerland selling Indian food online – just local shops that had traditional Indian spices, rice or other specialities in their range. A lot of people were unable to benefit from this because of distance, health reasons and even not having the time to visit the shops because of their busy schedules. So we came up with the idea of launching an online shop selling these products, thereby giving the customer the convenience of ordering from home and getting the products delivered at home. Webparcel is a cost-effective and reliable solution for small businesses like ours. Deliveries are usually made the next day, and the tracking function lets us track the parcel anytime.

Meanwhile, in partnership with IFJ, DPD Switzerland organises training events to provide basic information on shipping.
Thanks to this initiative, around 250 sales leads were received in 5 months, with 27,000 euros invested. It takes part in the improvement of brand recognition within start-ups.

Partnership with Enercoop, Chronopost France

Chronopost France entrusts Enercoop, a cooperative that produces 100% renewable energy, with the supply of green electricity to 5 urban logistic spaces. Chronopost’s relationship with Enercoop is more than simply a client-supplier one: it is a partnership that has been built up over the years. Both entities benefit from each other’s experiences to gain skills on how to bring about an energy transition inside companies. It is especially important for Chronopost to have renewable energy in urban logistic spaces because most of its electric vehicle fleet is located in those depots. Choosing Enercoop is also a way to anticipate our energy needs and manage costs. In 2017, Chronopost France will go beyond simply buying electricity and will work on a project to produce on-site renewable electricity with solar panels.
Approximately 96 tonnes of CO2 avoided per year.

Presentation of Enercoop and Gregory Dissoubray

Enercoop is a French electric utility cooperative, created in 2005.

Enercoop uses only renewable energy. It is the only energy provider in France in the form of a cooperative.

Gregory Dissoubray started working for Enercoop in 2008 as a sales person.

At that time, there were only 9 employees in the company.

He really likes this commercial job. It makes him feel he is part of “the energy revolution in France.”

Gregory Dissoubray

B to B Sales Manager

With Chronopost, we are not simply in a client-supplier relationship but working together for an energy transition and helping each other to build a more sustainable economy.


A privileged Partnership between Chronopost France and Enercoop

A strengthened partnership:

After Paris Concorde and Beaugrenelle sites in Paris, Chronopost France deploys Enercoop's renewable energy in its Urban Logistics Spaces in Toulouse, Lille, and Marseille which are among Chronopost’s largest agencies.


- With these projects, approximately 5,5 tonnes of CO₂ are avoided per month on the 5 sites.

- Working with Enercoop is an opportunity for Chronopost to control costs from beginning to end.


E-entrepreneurship Award, Chronopost Portugal

Chronopost Portugal: a company that supports entrepreneurship in Portugal and recognises innovative ideas.

The E-entrepreneurship award promotes the best online projects in Portugal, in terms of innovative ideas, with several partnerships for helping to promote or support their business. Each partner awarded a prize on their specific expertise: Chronopost Portugal granted one year of free delivery.

Left to right: honourable mention: Book in loop, Olivier Establet - President of Chronopost Portugal, winner: Study, honorable mention 2: Doctor Gummy



Delivery by drones, DPDgroup

At the end of 2016, after two years of tests, DPDgroup has received the go-ahead from French Civil Aviation authorities (DGAC) to operate a regular commercial route using drones, which allows us to deliver parcels to a dozen technology start-ups working in a business incubator.

This world premier came about as the result of close collaboration between DPDgroup and the SME Atechsys. Future possible uses include delivery to isolated areas and places that are difficult to access using standard methods.



Range: up to 20km
Payload: up to 3kg
Max speed: 30km/h
Navigation system capable of transmitting up to 50km
6 electric rotors, carbon fibre chassis
Latest-generation embedded electronics
On-board GPS and camera with live data stream
Redundant electronics
Automatic parachute (detection of anomalies during flight and automatic deployment in case of fall)


Innovation and Enterprise Club

Helping new businesses to grow: partnership with Innovation and Entreprise Club (IE Club)

Since 2014, GeoPost is partnering with IE Club to facilitate relationships between start-ups and large accounts, to promote their expertise in France, Europe and other continents (North America, Middle East). Some innovative GeoPost projects are challenged by IE Club senior entrepreneurs who are also mentoring some of our top executives.

IE Club, through its chapters in Boston, Montreal and Tel Aviv rolls out a business watch of innovation in transport and logistics to the benefit of GeoPost.

E-commerce seminars, DPD Lithuania

DPD Lithuania, together with partners, organize a series of seminars about e-commerce expansion to foreign markets to help e-shops to expand and increase the number of outbound parcels. DPD Lithuania share his knowledge about the parcel delivery in foreign countries and other tips & tricks regarding logistics. 50 organisations were supported.