Innovative entrepreneurship

Sharing our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help local enterprise thrive
At DPDgroup, we believe that developing and empowering innovative entrepreneurs creates a positive impact and shared value in society.
Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA, and we share our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to help local enterprise thrive and to support innovative ideas.
Our support for entrepreneurship has three objectives:
  • We stimulate employee innovation
  • We empower social entrepreneurs
  • We support external entrepreneurship

2017 key figures

Social entrepreneurs from the Ashoka network empowered by DPDgroup since 2014
Intrapreneurs supported financially by DPDgroup in 2017
European Business Units have an Innovation Champion

2017 actions

  • DPDgroup has extended its partnership with Ashoka through to 2019
Implement innovative entrepreneurship programmes to foster social innovation and intrapreneurship
Our support for entrepreneurship has three objectives:
  • We stimulate employee innovation
  • We empower social entrepreneurs
  • We support external entrepreneurship

We stimulate

We empower

We support

We stimulate employee innovation

No-one knows our business better than our employees. Giving employees the opportunity to develop and share new business ideas is the best way to be innovative and remain a leader in the CEP industry.

Our innovation and CSR departments are joining forces with our parent company Le Groupe La Poste, and participating in its “20 projects for 2020” initiative. This annual initiative encourages employees to submit their boldest and most innovative ideas. Winners have the opportunity to develop their project within the group and receive 12 months of support to demonstrate its business potential, with a view to creating a subsidiary. Since 2014, more than 3,000 employees have taken part, submitting over 1,000 projects.

Below are examples of internal entrepreneurship at DPDgroup:


Stéphanie Palluel

Ex-key account manager at Chronopost, now co-founder of Accola

I co-created Accola, a project that draws on the community spirit of neighbours to make urban delivery more effective. Accola ensures parcels are delivered when the recipients are away by entrusting their parcels to trustworthy neighbours.

We participated in Le Groupe La Poste’s “20 projects for 2020” initiative, and as one of the chosen projects, we received financial backing from the group and benefited from its expertise through mentoring programmes. The great thing about it was that it allowed us to tap into a huge network of professionals willing to help: a wide range of La Poste’s employees helped us strengthen our project by sharing insights and advice. In addition, we were given the opportunity to work full time on our enterprise, transforming our idea into a tangible start-up.

We have already run a pilot project in two areas of the Ile-de-France region in October 2017. Following this success, with a 15% increase in ‘first delivery’ success rate and a 75% drop in parcels returned to the post office compared to standard delivery, we will roll out an extended pilot in September 2018.

With a dedicated innovation team in place, we are able to support employees in developing ideas that respond to the needs of the business. Through employee training, mentoring, HR support and adapted work timetables or financial support, we back employees right from the outset of these new ventures.


Olivier Mercuriot

Ex-international director for Pickup and founder of KeyOpsTech

We came up with KeyOpsTech along with my business partner and fellow DPDgroup employee, Leonel de la Bretesche. After working in remote, rural areas in India, we decided to develop a solution to enable parcel delivery in areas with no reliable transport infrastructure.

Our digital solution connects formal and informal transport actors, tracking the exchange and delivery of post and parcels all the way from the sender to the recipient. We ensure security in parcel transactions through an innovative, patented operating mobile app and methodology, offering the best possible user experience, including customer notification, real-time parcel tracking and secure collection.

Without DPDgroup’s financial and legal support, we simply wouldn’t have been able to set it up so fast. DPDgroup is now the main shareholder.

While we currently solely operate in the Ivory Coast, our aim is to be present in 15 African countries in the next five years.

We empower social entrepreneurs

DPDgroup supports social entrepreneurs who think outside the box to solve social challenges through our longstanding partnership with Ashoka, the largest global network of social entrepreneurs. Ashoka’s aim is to enable everyone to be a changemaker by supporting social entrepreneurs and accelerating change through collaboration. In 2017, DPDgroup and Ashoka renewed their partnership for a further two years (to 2019).

The partnership has a strong relationship with DPDgroup’s core business. Together, we:

  • Help social entrepreneurs in finding solutions to workforce inclusion, social cohesion, urbanisation, local economic development, and low-carbon related models;
  • Support social entrepreneurs facing logistical challenges.
DPDgroup is committed to selecting and supporting at least three Ashoka Fellows financially between 2017 and 2019.
In parallel, Ashoka will organise six discovery sessions focused on fostering inspiration and collective innovation aimed at DPDgroup employees across diverse entities and departments in Europe. The aim is to encourage employees to embrace the potential of social innovation and develop co-creation opportunities with social entrepreneurs.


Jean-Marc Guesné

Director Ashoka France

What is the objective of the Ashoka partnership?

We partnered with DPDgroup in 2011 with the objective of identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs who have the potential to make a positive impact on a large scale.

As part of the partnership, DPDgroup and Ashoka decided to focus on social entrepreneurs across Europe who are developing innovative solutions around mobility. We have supported nine entrepreneurs to date. Among those groups benefiting from their social enterprises are refugees, underprivileged communities, lonely elderly people and many more.

The partnership was renewed in 2017. How has the relationship evolved over the years?

We decided to take our partnership to the next level by incorporating it as a core component of DPDgroup’s CSR programme. Our ambitious partnership focuses on three pillars:

– Encouraging the participation of European countries where both DPDgroup and Ashoka are present.

– Increasing employee engagement to cultivate and foster a spirit of entrepreneurship within the company culture.

– Supporting three social entrepreneurs working on societal challenges closely linked to DPDgroup’s activities and CSR priorities, such as combating physical isolation and bridging the ‘digital divide’, promoting social cohesion, ensuring local development and designing smart city solutions.

How do you perceive DPDgroup’s ambition regarding this partnership?

Making this a core component of their CSR strategy shows how valuable and important this partnership is to DPDgroup.

This a clear sign that the group now sees social innovation not just as a philanthropic act but as a real growth opportunity and a way to drive employee engagement. DPDgroup and Ashoka are embarking on a new journey, and at its centre is an ambition for Ashoka to play an active role in the group’s societal transformation efforts. I am confident that we’re only at the beginning of a fruitful and long-lasting partnership!

We support external entrepreneurship

DPDgroup provides support to innovative external entrepreneurs, through a mutually beneficial logic.
Our aim is to help local entrepreneurs develop their projects through a range of actions, such as providing special rates or free shipping services, granting awards or financial support, and enabling skills sponsorship.
DPD Poland
Partner of the E(x)plory programme
For the second year running, DPD Poland supported the E(x)plory 2017 competition, a unique initiative that promotes science and innovation and supports young talented scientists and innovators. This year’s awards were won by the creators of an electronic support system for beekeepers and a student who developed a herbal medicine to help treat cancer.
DPD Slovakia
At the Via Bona Festival
Thanks to its involvement in supporting small businesses and start-ups, DPD Slovakia was invited to join the jury of the Via Bona Festival, awarding responsible businesses. The prize of Excellent Employer, was presented by DPD Slovakia’s CEO, Peter Pavuk.
DPD Lithuania and DPD Croatia empower local E-commerce entrepreneurs
DPD Lithuania
DPD Lithuania is the principal sponsor of the country’s largest E-commerce event. Beyond financial support, DPD Lithuania empowers budding entrepreneurs by sharing valuable advice, industry news, insights on emerging trends and much more.
DPD Croatia
DPD Croatia is an active member of the country’s first E-commerce Association. DPD Croatia provides training on the company’s social accounts to up-and-coming businesses, and helps them to achieve media coverage.