CSR Report 2016
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Our initiatives

Our philosophy: engaging the DPDgroup community

The well-being of our people and that of local communities is a priority for us. The commitment of our employees to solidarity-based initiatives on a local basis, helps to develop corporate spirit within the Group – a community in itself!

DPDgroup is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities we are close to. To help their communities thrive, our employees are sharing their professional expertise and their skills with many communities such as associations, NGOs and public institutions (schools, hospitals etc.).

Each employee can contribute to local initiatives relevant for its BU on two main engagements:

Solidarity transport: using our DPDgroup delivery and logistic expertise to support communities where we operate

Employee commitment: devoting our skills and motivation to share our expertise for supporting communities

By doing that, we support many causes such as children and youth, health, education, elderly, disabled people, disadvantaged people, and the environment.

Using our DPDgroup delivery and logistic expertise to support communities where we operate

SEUR Foundation

SEUR foundation, the Spanish BU’s corporate foundation, deployed its logistics expertise to support three Spanish organisations that provide help to refugees, with over 200 tonnes of humanitarian aid given to more than 200,000 refugees. The Foundation also organises the massive collection and transport of plastic caps to raise money for the medical treatment of disabled children.

Interview AAPS Asociación de Apoyo al Pueblo Sirio aaps.es


Through its partnership with AAPS (Asociación de Apoyo al Pueblo Sirio), DPDgroup provides logistics support to NGOs for the massive transport of humanitarian aid (food, clothes, shoes, etc.) donated and distributed to refugees. Almost all of the beneficiaries are located in Greece and Syria. The national transport services are carried out free of charge.

Number of employees involved: 120

Amount of hours invested: 26,000

Number of beneficiary countries: 3

Number of beneficiaries: 850,000

Number of parcels delivered: 26,000

Number of kilometers: 1,200

Number of pallets: 2,100

Figures corresponding to the collaboration of SEUR with 3 associations: AAPS, SOS refugiados, Asociación Palmira.

The story of our partnership with AAPS started at the end of 2015 when, during the refugee crisis in Europe, Tarek Al-droubi Franich, President of AAPS, discovered the SEUR Foundation. Before the partnership, AAPS shipped 8 to 10 containers a year. In 2016, with SEUR’s help, it shipped 40 containers. AAPS has 12 permanent volunteers, increased to 70 when the containers need to be loaded. Most are Spanish but a few are Syrian.

Donations are made through the help of NGOs, cultural associations and schools who run awareness-raising campaigns. Collections can vary from a few boxes to full trucks. In 2016, 26.000 parcels were transported in 72 containers of 4m3. SEUR delivers these donations to Madrid, free of charge and AAPS then ships the items by boat to Syria. Although AAPS is a small association, its specificity is that it can guarantee the tracking of shipments from the moment they start their journey to the moment they arrive at their destination. Local associations in Syria know when the items have safely arrived.

The benefits for AAPS of this partnership are clear: a vastly increased volume of parcels shipped, only made possible by SEUR’s dedicated people on the ground.

This partnership has been so successful that it will continue into 2017.

Tarek Al-droubi Franich
Vice-President of AAPS: Asociación de Apoyo al Pueblo Sirio


DPD Estonia: "Onions from Peipsi"

DPD Estonia helped the Peipsi local community preserve their know-how and heritage by transporting their local onion production for free, promoting environmentally-friendly farming and boosting local employment.

The Peipsi community's local onion production is famous for its high quality throughout the country. However, for health and financial reasons, farmers cannot sell their produce at the markets and cities. In 2012, the situation was critical and about 30 metric tons of onions were threatened. Working with the local Rae parish government, DPD Estonia transported the onions free of charge.

Number of kg delivered : 8,000

Number of beneficiaries : 294

Chronopost Portugal: "Supporting the Make-a-Wish foundation"

Last Christmas, Chronopost Portugal provided the transport of materials from companies supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organisation that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

Number of beneficiaries: 20


DPD Netherlands: "Unicef Kid Power"

DPD Netherlands collects and delivers parcels free of charge to and from schools. These packages contain the materials that schools need in order to participate in the UNICEF Kid Power programme during the month of March. The schoolchildren track all their movements using a pedometer and their points can be converted into food pouches for malnourished children.

Number of beneficiaries: 10,000

Number of parcels delivered: 376,400

DPD Ireland: "Logistic transport for the Jack & Jill Foundation"

DPD Ireland helps the Jack & Jill Foundation’s fundraising activities in collecting unwanted Lego for selling to charity shops, by providing logistic transports and its depots as collection points.


DPD Switzerland: "Orange Sales Initiatives"

DPD Switzerland has been in a partnership with Terre des Hommes since 2012 to deliver boxes containing oranges. They were sold to people in the street and to companies to collect funds. The children's association enables hundreds of thousands of children and mothers to exercise their right to nutrition and hygiene in a sustainable manner. In some years, a volunteer campaign was added to the reduce shipment costs: DPDgroup’s workforce helped Terre des Hommes crew to unwrap the boxes and prepare them for shipment.

"For more than 5 years, DPD Switzerland has been supporting us during our sales of oranges to companies. DPD takes care of the logistics and delivery of the orange boxes, which are ordered by more than 1.100 companies throughout Switzerland. Furthermore, DPD grants a discount to the regular delivery price per box and makes a significant contribution to the operation. The donations from the sales of oranges are fully integrated into our health projects, where more than 1.4 million needy children and their families are given access to medical care, water and hygiene." Daria Bucher, Project Manager, Terre des Hommes, Lausanne.

Number of parcels delivered: 2,300

Number of kilometers: 500,000 km

Number of kg delivered: 40,600 kg

Photo: © Tdh / Florian Cella

DPD Czech Republic: “Firefly”

For fourteen years in a row, DPD Czech Republic has supported the Glow-worm national fundraising charity run by the Czech Radio Charitable Fund. Glow-worm antennae and other items are delivered to hundreds of schools, nursery schools and libraries throughout the Czech Republic.

Thanks to DPD Czech Republic, thousands of voluntary "glow-worms" are able to offer glow-worm antennae for collecting funds in favour of blind or severely visually impaired people.

Number of parcels delivered: 1,000

Number of kg delivered: 7,000

Number of employees involved: 30


DPD Latvia: "Butterfly effect"

DPD Latvia is helping orphanage pupils to integrate in society after leaving institutional care by collecting and delivering donated parcels free, mostly topical material needs. This initiative also provides support to needy families.

Number of employees involved: 21

Numbers of beneficiaries: 52

Numbers of km: 470

Devoting our skills and motivation to share our expertise for supporting communities

Partnership between Chronopost and Laurette Fugain

Delphine HOFFMANN, development & partnership manager for the Laurette Fugain Association


In France, following the final selection by a jury from several nominated associations, Chronopost decided to support for a period of three years the Laurette Fugain Association, which was created in 2002.

The Association has embarked in a strenuous combat against leukaemia and other blood diseases, increasing people’s awareness – especially that of young people – and encouraging them to give blood, platelets, plasma, umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, and organs to save lives, as a natural act of solidarity. It also has two other fundamental missions: funding medical research and helping patients and their families.

Over the 15 years since its creation, the Association has donated 6.6 million euros to medical research.

Laurette Fugain.org

Chronopost is supporting the Association’s new project at the Trousseau Hospital in Paris for helping leukaemia sufferers to develop their physical activity, boosting both physical and moral well-being. This action is within the framework of the “Chrono United Tour”, set up by Chronopost to mobilise employees to donate funds to a worthy organisation. Over the last 4 years, co-workers have taken part in 5 races located all over France.

In 2016, the action raised €10,000 in support of the physical activity development project for children with leukaemia. The programme has helped to make the life of hospitalized children easier and strong links have been created between the healthy adults at Chronopost and the children in hospital.


Delphine Hoffman,

Development & partnership manager for the Association Laurette Fugain

Taking part in easing the life of young patients was really what touched Chronopost’s employees.

Other initiatives by Chronopost employees to help the Laurette Fugain Association include:

along with “responsible” hairdressing salons, donating cut hair for providing wigs to children suffering from leukaemia or other forms of cancer;

volunteering their professional skills for specific association projects;

going beyond the "Chrono United Tour”, DPDgroup employees can now be trained to become volunteers for the Association.


DPD United Kingdom: "Save the Children"

On "Christmas Jumper Day", all the UK BU’s depots take part in raising money for the "Save the Children" charity. In 2016, employees wore a special Christmas outfit on Friday, 16th December.

120 beneficiaries country

500 employees


DPD BeLux: "Dogs for the blind"

DPD Belux collects bottle caps and donates them to an organisation that sells them to train dogs for blind people.

Number of employees involved: 420

DPD Croatia: "Volunteer cleaning and maintenance of Premužić path"

On 16 April, 2016, the public Institution "Nature Park Velebit" organised the cleaning and maintenance of the Premužić path (5 kilometres from the site of Stupačinovo on Baške Oštarije to Bačić kosa).

A cleaning operation was set up in cooperation with the company DPD from Zagreb, and with logistical support from the agency E-dizajn, Zagreb.

About 120 volunteers, employees of DPD Croatia, removed residual branches and stones that had fallen onto the path during the winter.

Number of employees involved: 120


DPD Poland: "See the Sea"

DPD Poland is a sponsor of a sea cruise for the disabled with sight disabilities, providing life competencies for visually impaired and partly sighted people (“See the Sea Cruise”). The aim of the project is to organise a cruise lasting a few days for people who, due to their disability, are not actually able to see the sea. With the help of able-bodied crew members, the visually impaired participants perform all duties on the ship, including navigation.

Number of employees involved: 20

Number of beneficiaries : 50

DPD Hungary: "Hand in Hand foundation"

DPD Hungary has been working with the Hand in Hand Foundation for 3 years, to provide disabled people with the possibility of employment. We train them to get back to work and we train other employees how to work with them. DPD Hungary is one of the benchmark players in this initiative in Hungary.

Number of disabled employees : 6


DPD Slovakia: "One hour to children"

One Hour to Children is a fund-collecting activity lasting a whole year, organised by the Children of Slovakia Foundation.
It is aimed at supporting children and youth in their development and education, and at improving the quality of their lives via "Children and their Pleasure" projects: development of relationships, creativity and the motivation of children.

DPD managed the yearlong logistics of the entire project. We delivered all the items needed for collections and actions organised by One Hour to Children via its partners and volunteers in various parts of Slovakia. DPD courier also delivered the project’s mascot to the Christmas TV show, the culmination of the entire project.

Number of employees involved: 230

Number of kg delivered: 3,000


DPD Germany: "DPD Germany Foundation"

With the establishment of a charitable foundation, international parcel and express service provider DPD Germany is expanding its social commitments within Germany and abroad. Together with the Children’s Charity Plan, the DPD Foundation sponsors children in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 105 sponsorships are funded by DPD Germany and managed by our trainees.

Number of beneficiaries: 105