Closer communities

Bringing people together to support and build the communities we are closest to

As a delivery expert, DPDgroup connects closely to local communities on a daily-basis - we have a unique opportunity to support the communities in which we work.

DPDgroup employees are able to put forward local projects that are important to them.

Our committed people offer voluntarily their time, skills and resources to support communities and grow together.

Our ambition is to make a positive contribution to the communities we are the closest to.

2017 key figures

km (Distance travelled by
solidarity transport)
Number of organisations

2017 actions

  • New actions identified by employees in BUs allowed us to support 96 community initiatives.
  • 100% of Business Units had Closer Community initiatives
  • Around 50% of the initiatives carried out last year have been renewed in 2017
Further increase the level of involvement of our delivery experts in local communities initiatives
We support communities in two ways:
  • Solidarity transport: Using our delivery and logistic expertise to support local initiatives
  • Employee commitment: Sharing our time, passion and skills to back local communities


Employee commitment

Using our delivery and logistic expertise to support communities where we operate.

Here are a few examples of initiatives led by our BUs.
Chronopost Portugal
“Angel Tree Programme”"
1,200 gifts donated to the Salvation Army and underprivileged children
Chronopost Portugal supported the Salvation Army by delivering gifts to underprivileged children for Christmas. The initiative allowed gifts to be donated via the “Angel Tree Programme” and sent to a Chronopost Pickup point. The gifts were then collected and delivered to the Salvation Army. 26 of the donors were group employees.
DPD Switzerland
“Selling and delivering oranges for the wellbeing of children around the world”
38 tonnes of oranges delivered
For the fifth year in a row, DPD Switzerland worked with Terre des Hommes, the leading Swiss child relief agency. DPD Switzerland supported the transport and sale of oranges to raise funds for the organisation. In 2017, it delivered approximately 38 tonnes of oranges. The money raised will bring access to medical care, nutrition and hygiene to thousands of children.
DPD Latvia
“Heat the heart by warming paws”
2.4 tonnes of goods delivered to animal shelters
In 2017, DPD Latvia supported a number of animal shelters by doing, free of charge, what it does best: delivering. DPD couriers collected donations such as food, blankets, toys and much more all over Latvia. People participating in the initiative had the option of choosing any of the country’s animal shelters as the beneficiary of their donations.
DPD Netherlands
“Driving with « Victor safe »”
2,000 beneficiaries
At the beginning of the new schoolyear, DPD Netherlands took part in the fight for road safety through the Victor Safe project. The project is to focus the attention of drivers on the safety of children playing on the streets by using bright yellow dolls. DPD’s drivers played their part by setting up the dolls at strategic places along their routes.
DPD Estonia
“Food for zoo animals”
12 tonnes of leftover crops delivered
Since 2012, DPD Estonia has been collecting leftover crops from farmers all over Estonia and delivering them to Tallinn Zoo, allowing farmers to eliminate food waste in a responsible manner. Farmers are also encouraged to specifically grow the crops for the animals. In 2017, animals benefitted from 12 tonnes of food.
“A second life for clothes across three continents”
271,409 kg of clothes delivered
A partnership between Zara and SEUR allowed the collection of used clothes from customers using reverse logistics. SEUR drivers offered to pick up used clothes from customers upon delivery - Donations were then sent to Caritas, an organisation engaged in social integration, to sell clothes across its network of second-hand stores.

Sharing our time, passion and skills to support communities.

Here are a few examples of initiatives led by our BUs.
DPD Belgium
“Small change for cancer”
DPD Belux is committed to fighting cancer.
DPD Belgium employees can slip the small change juggling in their pockets into boxes scattered around the workplace. Known as « red coins », small cent coins can make up a substantial amount of money when collected on a large scale. All coins raised have been donated to an association to support research for cancer.
DPD Czech Republic
“Good heart”
9 participating employees
At DPD Czech Republic, employees can request grants for the initiatives for which they volunteer. Selected projects are granted a subsidy from DPD.
Beyond endorsing social causes, DPD Czech Republic also encourages employee volunteerism and allows workers to have their say regarding the company’s contribution to society.
DPD France
“Helping sheep graze since 2013”
Helping to nurture premature babies.
DPD France has been partnering with “EcoMouton”, the French pioneer in eco-grazing, since 2013. Three DPD sites are currently using sheep to trim their lawns and a fourth will join the initiative in 2018. Ecological and economical, these lawn-mowers eliminate the need for fertilizers and fuel.
DPD Hungary
“Supporting people with disabilities”
Three people with disabilities gained access to work
Through its four-year sponsorship of the Hand to Hand Foundation, DPD Hungary is providing work opportunities to people with disabilities. It organises training twice a year to help them understand the business world, and shares employment opportunities within the company. DPD has become a reference for this initiative in Hungary. Three people benefitted from the scheme in 2017.
DPD Lithuania
“I can, you can”
€17,713 donated to charity to help fight Type II Spinal muscular atrophy, a rare genetic disease
DPD Lithuania partnered with "The Right to Run" charity, to raise funds for the treatment of a young boy suffering from Type II Spinal muscular atrophy. DPD took part in the “I can, you can” campaign: 70 employees accumulated as many kilometres as possible by walking, running or cycling. All 17,713 kilometres were converted into euros and donated.
DPD Croatia
“Supporting a human milk bank”
Helping to nurture premature babies.
DPD Croatia and UNICEF Croatia organised the first “Milky Way” run. Money collected from registration fees was used to set up the first human milk bank in Croatia. The milk is given to premature babies in line with the WHO’s recommendations that human milk from healthy women is the best alternative to a biological mother’s milk.
Chronopost and GeoPost/DPDgroup
Partnership with “Laurette Fugain NGO”
330 participating employees
Chronopost France & GeoPost/DPDgroup supports the Laurette Fugain Association, an organisation fighting leukaemia. In 2017, Chronopost organised several initiatives to raise awareness among its employees and support the organisation’s patients. The employees of DPDgroup head participated on a sport challenge to raise 14,000 euros for the leukaemia research.
DPD Germany
200 participating employees
DPD Germany launched a “Rest-Cent” initiative, giving every employee the opportunity to donate the number of cents after the decimal point of their net salary to the charity of their choice. DPD’s employees raised €4,000 in 2017. Employees can choose to make an additional monthly donation, which can be cancelled at any time.
DPD Ireland
“Access to employment”
5 participating employees
Helping individuals find work
In September 2017, DPD Ireland began a partnership with Seetec, an organisation that supports people in finding work by providing them with employability advice and guidance. Through this initiative, DPD Ireland offers work opportunities and placements to people who are receiving government welfare support.
DPD Slovenia
“Gifts for hospitalised children”
430 children in hospital received Christmas gifts
For Christmas, DPD Slovenia invited all employees to donate gifts for children in hospital, and organised the delivery of the gifts to 430 children in four hospitals across Slovenia. Employees also organised a Christmas play and visits from Santa Claus in each hospital, who gave the children their presents.